The Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant (TET), a member of the HSE Group, which has been in liquidation since December 2014, will again operate as a normal company as of 1 January 2018. In line with the decision of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) as the manager of state assets, and the general assessment of Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE) as the sole shareholder, that it is sensible to preserve and upgrade the TET location, the liquidation of the power plant will be suspended as of 1 January.


Termoelektrarna Trbovlje (Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant) will be renamed HSE – Energetska družba Trbovlje d. o. o., (HSE – Energy Company Trbovlje), and will be headed by Ervin Renko. In line with the business plan of the HSE Group for 2018–2020, the company will continue to provide the services of storage of petroleum products as part of strategic reserves and systemic services in the electrical energy system for 2018. To be preserved at the location are the production units powered by liquid fuel, with the HSE Group planning not only to preserve, but also to develop the entire location.


The plan is to dismantle and decommission the technological sets of the equipment of the defunct 125-megawatt generator and to maintain the remaining facilities and equipment. The decommissioning of the equipment will be a demanding project, but the decision that the old should give way to the new is necessary both from the environmental and safety aspects. The plan is also to continue to disinvest by selling off the unnecessary property and implement measures at the closed and restored ash disposal site Prapretno.


Together with the new leadership of HSE – Energetska družba Trbovlje, the HSE Group will look intensively for new development opportunities, while conducting dialogue with the local community. “I am convinced that the location of the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant is an opportunity for new energy projects, including innovative projects brought to the energy sector by modern technologies. In this way, the location will preserve its energy importance in the future,” stressed Matjaž Marovt, the director general of HSE.


A total of 18 employees with full-time contracts will stay at the location of the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant to implement the planned activities. “While the company will be looking to implement new activities in the broader sense of energy supply, the social security of the employees will also remain a priority,” announced Ervin Renko, the new director of HSE – Energetska družba Trbovlje. By renaming the company, the HSE Group as the largest producer of electricity in Slovenia is sending a clear message that the location remains an opportunity for new and economically feasible projects.