HSE-Energetska družba Trbovlje (HSE-EDT) will start taking over and storing electrofilter dust generated by the company Energetika Ljubljana on 24 October 2019 in accordance with the decision of the Trbovlje Municipal Council of 11 September 2019, in which it agreed to the storing of electrofilter dust at the Lakonca storage site.


In line with an agreement between HSE-EDT and Energetika Ljubljana on the takeover and storing of the dust, the former will take over and store in the coming years a total of 6,000 tonnes of electrofilter dust and slag with the classification number 10 01 01.

An analysis of the stored material, performed by the Regional Technological Centre Zasavje, has already confirmed that it is non-hazardous waste appropriate to be processed into a useful building material by replacement of natural raw materials. All measured concentrations from the waste leachate are below the limits and do not pose any threat to human health, which means that it may be processed into an inert building material.

The electrofilter dust will be stored in accordance with all requirements and standards, and in a manner that prevents environmental impact.

The company HSE-EDT will process the dust into a building material which will be used to rehabilitate the slope in the Lakonca location, where an industrial zone is planned under the municipal spatial plans. The company HSE-EDT has committed not to handle the stored electrofilter dust in any other way until it receives the national technical approval.

In accordance with the agreement reached at the session of the municipal council, HSE-EDT will allow insight into the entire documentation related to the takeover and storing of the dust. It will also allow inspections of the area where the dust is stored by an authorised representative of the municipal council, who will inform the leadership of the municipality and councillors about the findings.