At today’s 40th regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of Holding Slovenske elektrarne d. o. o. (HSE), Stojan Nikolić was awarded a 4-year renewal of mandate when the Board assessed his performance and results up to this point as successful. The second mandate in the position of Financial Director commences on 1 October 2018.

Stojan Nikolić was assigned to the position of Financial Director and became a member of the HSE Management within the legal period prior to expiry of the first 4-year mandate, which commenced on 1 October 2014, in accordance with the relevant legislation, the charter document and the additional acknowledgement of the diversity policy as regards representation in the management of HSE d.o.o., along with recommendations from the corporate governance code and management policy for companies with state capital investment. He was appointed upon the proposal of the HR Commission of the Supervisory Board of HSE and at today’s meeting his appointment received unanimous support from all members of the company’s Supervisory Board: Stojan Nikolić completely fulfilled our expectations with his results”, « stated Milan Perović, the President of the Supervisory Board of HSE. The General Director of HSE, Matjaž Marovt was also pleased with the second appointment of Nikolić to the position of Financial Director: “Numerous challenges and opportunities await HSE, which Stojan Nikolč and I have established in the previous period. His mandate extension brings continuity, stability and reassurance that the objectives set will be realised to the planned extent and using already verified and tested means.”

Upon the renewal of his mandate Nikolič, who will in autumn commence his new mandate as the Financial Director and Management member of Slovenia’s biggest energy company, stated that the HSE Management will continue to perform activities already started in the field of reorganisation of the HSE Group and its business-financial stability.“In recent years, which brought demanding market conditions, HSE performed well and expanded its scope of business with electric energy and, most importantly, optimised business at the general level of the entire Group as well as its arrears: the latter have decreased by almost 300 million euros since the start of my first mandate. My goal in my first mandate was mainly to keep HSE “in the game” and since then we have managed to build a proper team out of the HSE Group. Now, in the second mandate, we will have to work on making this team a winning one.” he added.