At today’s general meeting, the Supervisory Board of the HSE (Holding of power plants) appointed Matjaž Marovt the new Director-General of the HSE for a four-year mandate. Together with the Finance Director Stojan Nikolić, they now represent the management of the HSE.

Matjaž Marovt joined the HSE last spring as a member of the company’s Supervisory Board. Since 19 April 2017, he has been temporarily managing the company as its Director-General, for a period limited to six months.

“With his calm and circumspect management style, and especially through the constructive dialogue that he has been running until now, Matjaž Marovt has confirmed our positive expectations. We believe that, as the Director-General and in cooperation with the Finance Director, he will strive for stable management and business operations of the HSE Group,” said Milan Perović, the Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board.

Besides stable management, the Director-General of the HSE Matjaž Marovt stated the following objectives as the priorities of his mandate, “I will see that the HSE Group as the largest Slovenian producer of electrical power and one of the leading dealers in electricity, will respond professionally to all the current trends in the areas of energy, environment, and technology. Striving for a carbon-free society, our common objective will be assuring safe, reliable, and environment-friendly provision of electric power.”

Matjaž Marovt holds a university degree in electrical engineering, and an M.S. degree in quality management from the Sheffield Business School in the United Kingdom. His final thesis was nominated for the European Excellence Award the EFQM. Prior to his appointment as a temporary member of the management board of the HSE, he was acting as an independent business consultant with a wealth of experience in managing large and international companies. He was Head of the Technical Directorate of the company Adria Mobil, a member of the Management Board of the company Prevent Global, and has held various managerial functions with the Gorenje company.