The first scheduled overhaul of generator 6 of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (TEŠ), which started on 7 May, was successfully completed at the beginning of June. Immediately after the overhaul was completed, generator 4 was permanently shut down. Also contributing to more environmentally friendly production of electricity and heating will be generator 5, which will be re-launched soon after reconstruction works.

Major works on the generator were performed during the overhaul: inspection of ID fans, replacement of oil in the main bearing of the air pre-heater, inspection of the FD fan and replacement of two steam re-heating collectors. Warranty repairs which had been planned to take place during the overhaul were also carried out: replacement of the sensor in the turbine, of level gauges in high-pressure heaters, of the equipment in the low-voltage electrical room, repairs of the insulation on the medium-pressure turbine, sealing of the turbine oil tank, replacement of internal parts of injection valves in the medium-pressure steam system, replacement of entry collectors for re-heating, replacement of mandrels on the hydraulic drives of shut-off valves of the medium-pressure turbine, reconstruction of the fire-resistant walling on pulverized burners and replacement of clutches in the soot blower drives. A total of 250 workers were hired for the overhaul, which was successfully completed within the planned time schedule.

During the overhaul of generator 6 of TEŠ, the safe and reliable supply of electricity and heating was provided by generator 4, which was permanently shut down after 46 years of operation on 6 July, soon after the overhaul was completed, as it is ecologically and technologically unfit for further use. Even before the end of the summer, expectedly in August 2018, the overhauled generator 5 will be re-launched in TEŠ with 345 MW of installed power, which will be an important acquisition for the power plant and in particular for the local environment. Compared to generator 4, production of electricity in generator 5 generates concentrations of SO2 50% lower, NOx 60% lower and particulates 80% lower. This is also a contribution of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant to a cleaner environment in the Šalek Valley and progress in the implementation of environmental commitments.